Friday, 23 November 2018


This photograph shows Marion Erlis, centre-right, taking up her role as Queen Mary in one of the annual parades organised by the Orange Lodge in Toxteth.

Her 'husband' - William of Orange (or 'King Billy' as he was known) - is standing to her right holding up his sword.

The exact date the photograph was taken is unknown, but the parade's traditionally take place on or around the 12th July each year. Judging by Mal's apparent age, the year was potentially around the early 1950's. 

I personally recall the parades passing through Toxteth as being a grand spectacle, consisting of marching bands, decorated lorries used as floats, and members of the order marching in lines behind the Protestant King and Queen, all wearing the familiar orange sashes across their chests.

These were colourful, noisy, exciting events that we kids living in Toxteth would look forward to.

I remember well how my grandad, William John Welsh, would stand at the front door and listen out for the bands playing, then pick me up and run along to Park Street to watch the parade as it passed.

Looking at this photo brings back nice memories of both Mal and also the times when we were growing up in Toxteth.

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