Monday, 23 November 2015


Combining a business trip with family history research - earlier today I took a visit to St. Mary's church in Haughley, Suffolk. My great-grandfather (x6) was buried here on 11 December 1785.

Robert Layte (born 1708) married his wife of German descent, Sarah, in 1732 and seems to have lived in the small village for the majority of his life as most of his children were born there.

 St.Mary's church, Haughley

By the time I reached the village after driving down from Liverpool the sun had gone down and I had to have a quick look around the small graveyard assisted by the torch on my phone. I knew the chances of finding a grave with the family name on it would almost certainly be nil, but I couldn't help but have a look for one before I decided to leave. I was wearing jeans and a dark fleece and I soon spotted a couple of the blinds across the road starting to twitch. I suddenly realised the appearance of strange lights seen floating around a graveyard might be the type of thing which the Suffolk constabulary might be called out to investigate, so I got back in the car and made a swift getaway!

I can just imagine the email message my boss would need to send tomorrow morning...

'Dear customer - Graham unfortunately won't be onsite with you today. He was thrown into a Suffolk lockup overnight and they've lost the key!'

Great... just great!