Wednesday, 27 September 2017


This is an extract from the Wrexham Advertiser, dated 14 May 1881, which details the death of my great-grandfather (x3), Thomas SEAMAN.

Thomas was tragically killed in a mining accident at Hawarden Colliery in Flintshire, when he was caught in the lift mechanism at the base of the shaft, and his head was crushed.

Thomas' trade at the time was to work as a blacksmith and shoemaker, and he had been going down into the pit to tend to the shoes of the pit ponies which worked there.

I've included the wider segment of the article as well here, as it is interesting to read some of the other items which featured on the page at the time. The language used appears a bit strange in places, and it certainly highlights the fact that the paper was reporting on events in a different age.

Apart from the item on my great-grandfather, I think my favourite is the report of the annual dinner which took place at the Crown Hotel. The paper states that it was '...of a very hilarious nature', and '...the enjoyment was kept up till far on in the evening.' 

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at that one!